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We cannot get over how EXTREMELY clever this idea is!

When industrial designer Sha Yao saw her grandmother suffer from Alzheimer’s, she felt hopeless.

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According to the Taiwanese entrepreneur:

“When she was diagnosed with the disease I felt frustrated (as do many caregivers) seeing her gradually lose her ability to take care of herself, but there was not much I could do to help.”

Specifically, the Master of Fine Arts degree holder saw her grandmother struggle with eating.

However, instead of sitting back, Sha decided to take action.

And that’s when the idea for Eatwell was born!

“I came up with an idea to work on improving her eating experience first, since eating is such an essential part of daily living.”

Pictured (above), the dining set aims to make the process of eating easier and more comfortable for people with scleroses, palsies, Alzheimer’s, and other forms of dementia.

Ultimately, it can help those suffering with motor, physical, or cognitive disparities by simplifying the act of eating, reducing accidents, and overall, making these individuals eat more!

Some of its features include:

Bowls with slanted basins to make it easier to scoop up food.

Color coordination to not only increase appetite, but to distinguish food from eating ware.

Spoons that match the curvature of the bowl.

And lastly, cups with an extended handle, straw-securing lids, and an anti-tipping base.

So far, Miz Yao has only heard Ah-Mazing things from her product.

She says:

“The feedback from specialists and academics in the industry, as well as experienced caretakers and nurses, has generally been overwhelmingly positive.”

We completely applaud Sha for her innovation, and we think she’s an inspiration to women everywhere!

[Images via EatWell.]

#Kleanse Spotlight: Woman Designs Tableware To Help People With Alzheimer’s!
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