Sep 042015

Only Kris Jenner you guys.

While she already has a billion different job descriptions on her resume, the momager recently took up one of her old past times — selling designer duds on Ebay!

Yep, K.J. felt the urge to hawk her brown Birkin bag used only six times because it just “wasn’t her color”.

Hmm, we wonder if she learned the art of consignment from former Ebay queen, Kim Kardashian!

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But wait…before you start imagining the reality star orchestrating a bidding war from her casa in Calabasas, the mom of six actually opted to have an outside company handle the sale which is the funny part of the story.

So, to thank the company for selling, Jenner sent a nice note on her own stationery… and it’s HILARIOUS. Check out the amazing notepad of Kris (below)!

That’s right, y’all — Kris is PROUD of her cougar status! We guess there’s no point in not celebrating her cougardom considering the 59-year-old is dating 34-year-old Corey Gamble! Lolz!

By the way, if you have $18,950 lying around you could the proud owner of the mogul’s Birkin!

[Image via Instagram.]

Kris Jenner Sells A Birkin Bag On Ebay While Also Informing Us That She's A Bonafide Cougar
Source: Perez Hilton

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