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Lindsay Lohan Takes 'Parent Trap' Selfie, Reminds Us of Better Days

In the aftermath of some very bizarre antics, Lindsay Lohan has reminded us all of less hazy times.

On Tuesday, the 29-year-old posted a photo of herself as she held up a throwback pic taken during The Parent Trap’s 1998 filming. At the time, Lohan would have been only 11 years old, and though the post makes a solid point (the actress’s recent facial did wonders) it also comes at a tough moment.

Spa week really does wonders! 💋 #laprairieswitzerland #theparenttrap

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Glowing in both past and present times, the selfie is a reminder of better days.

Lohan’s continuous struggle with drugs, alcohol, and in conjunction, the law, have hit fans hard. The talented star has been subject to an inordinate level of scrutinization since her first DUI in 2007.

Though her social presence reflects only the positive moments, continued substance abuse has haunted her now for nearly 10 years. On the bright side, Lohan wouldn’t be the first to be claimed by Hollywood. It is possible to hit dark moments, only to come back with a raging vengeance.

For now, we’ll just have to hold on to happier days past.

Lindsay Lohan Posts 'Parent Trap' Selfie, Reminds Us of Better Days

Lindsay Lohan Posts 'Parent Trap' Selfie, Reminds Us of Better Days
Source: Zimbio

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