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Why Lisa Bloom? WHY??

As we reported, on Thursday, The New York Times published a shocking exposé accusing Harvey Weinstein of “decades of sexual harassment,” which has led him to reaching “at least eight settlements with women.”

While the movie producer released a statement to the newspaper saying he is “remorseful about the people I hurt,” his lawyer Charles Harder announced plans for a lawsuit against the Times for publishing “a story that is saturated with false and defamatory statements.”

On Friday, Bloom appeared on Good Morning America where she explains why she is defending the 65-year-old amid the allegations. While she is not legally representing him in any lawsuit, she acts as his “adviser.”

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Host George Stephanopoulos began the interview by saying he is “surprised” that Lisa would stand by the Hollywood mogul given her history with sexual harassment cases. He said:

“I have to say I’m surprised you’re here this morning. You’ve been here and represented women who have taken on Bill Cosby and Bill O’Reilly, Donald Trump, sexual-harassment cases. Why did you switch sides in this case?”

That’s when the lawyer explained:

“I’ve known Harvey for about a year and these rumors have swirled around him for a long time. And I said to him, you know, ‘What’s going on? This is not OK.’ And Harvey and I had a lot of frank conversations about this and when this New York Times story was about to break and Harvey expressed to me the same remorse that you see now, I said, ‘We have to throw out the old playbook, OK? You’re not going to be attacking women. You’re not going to be disrespecting women. You’re not going to be digging up dirt on them and embarrassing them. That’s the tired old way to go. If you are genuinely remorseful, say so, admit what you’ve done wrong, apologize and let’s have your actions speak for themselves.”‘

While she admits his “workplace misconduct” is “gross” and “wrong,” when asked if his behavior is “sexual harassment,” Bloom tiptoed around the term. She said:

“I think Harvey acknowledged, yes, there was misconduct over a period of years. He’s big, loud guy. People are intimidated by him. I’m not—you know, I’m a big-mouth lawyer myself. I’ll stand up to him. But if I’m a 23-year-old in his workplace, of course, they’re intimidated.”

Watch the full interview (below):

[Image via ABC News/YouTube.]

Lisa Bloom Explains Why She's Advising 'Gross' Harvey Weinstein Amid Sexual Harassment Allegations — WATCH HERE!
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