Feb 142016

Liv Tyler Feels Like She Has Been Pregnant Forever

Liv Tyler is all smiles while stepping out on Wednesday night (February 10) in New York City.

The 38-year-old pregnant actress, who is expecting her third child, recently opened up about how she is doing while expanding her family.

“Good, I’m very tired, that’s the only thing. But, I’m happy, it feels good. I feel like I’ve been pregnant forever. I always wanted to have a big family. I’m very excited,” Liv told E! News.

Liv talked about how relationship with fiance Dave Gardner and how he is so supportive.

“I think what works so well in our relationship is we both work very hard and we love adventure and our jobs are so interesting and different, and we like that, but we also at the core are focused on our family. That’s what really makes us tick. So we kinda go out and come back together and our children are always the most important things to us,” she said.

Liv Tyler Feels Like She Has Been Pregnant Forever
Source: Just Jared

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