Sep 022017

Matt Damon Explains How George Clooney Got Him to Sign on for 'Suburbicon'

Matt Damon, George Clooney, and Julianne Moore pose for pictures at a photo call for their movie Suburbicon at the 2017 Venice Film Festival on Saturday morning (September 2) in Venice, Italy.

In a new interview, Matt said that George had to pull some strings to get him to star in the film.

“I had four movies lined up in a row, starting with The Martian. I went from The Martian right into The Great Wall, which went right into Jason Bourne, which went right into Downsizing. It was two solid years of work. And I had sworn up and down to my family that I wouldn’t take [anything else],” Matt told THR.

“When George called me, I was like ‘I’d rather be waterboarded than turn you down, but I have to be with my family,’” Matt said. “Then I remember we were in London, working on Jason Bourne, and I was sitting at the dinner table with my wife when this text came in that said, ‘How about if I move it to L.A.?’ It was George who suggested it. I turned the phone to my wife and she goes, ‘OK, you’re doing it.’”

George wrote and directed Suburbicon, which stars Matt, Julianne, and Oscar Isaac.

FYI: Julianne is wearing a Louis Vuitton dress.

Matt Damon Explains How George Clooney Got Him to Sign on for 'Suburbicon'
Source: Just Jared

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