Jul 182018

Poor Meghan Markle.

First, her dad Thomas Markle sold her down the river (again) because he decided he can’t stop doing media/TV interviews (again) about their family, even though it’s literally the only thing keeping him from continuing to have a relationship with his now-royal daughter.

And now, Meghan’s own half-sister Samantha Markle (also known as Samantha Grant) is going after the Duchess on Twitter because of it!! Oh Lord, this poor woman’s family…

Photo: Kate Middleton & Meghan Cheer On Serena Williams!

In a series of reported tweets to her private Twitter account on Tuesday, Samantha went on a diatribe against Meghan’s behavior towards Thomas over icing him out… and she also held Meghan personally responsible if Thomas died.

Like, seriously, Samantha? WTF?!

Ch-ch-check out screenshots of the tweets (below):

Yeah…. First off, nothing like tweeting AT the royal family when you have a locked account and you (should) know they can’t see your tweets. Get a clue!?

But more importantly, WHAT. THE. FUCK.

Can’t help but feel bad for Meghan, who hasn’t appeared to have asked for any of this brutal, self-serving, immature behavior from her family.


[Image via Twitter/John Rainford/WENN.]

Meghan Markle's Half-Sister Rips Her Apart In Unhinged Twitter Rant, Says 'If Our Father Dies' She'll Hold The Duchess Responsible…
Source: Perez Hilton

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