Aug 072015

Now that’s friendship!

After Miles Teller‘s Esquire magazine debacle where the publication labeled him “kind of a d*ck“, his Fantastic Four co-stars have since rallied around him.

Earlier this week, Kate Mara took to Twitter to defend her film husband against the magazine — and it was EVERYTHING.

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She wrote:

AH-Mazing! We’re not surprised that Miz Mara came to the aid of her film flame as she’s had to deal with her own crazy press for the Marvel reboot.

On top of that, Jamie Bell, who plays the “Thing” in the movie, shared his thoughts on the drama as well:

Looks like they’re so much more than just co-stars. Michael B. Jordan even threw his hat in the ring, also commenting on the publication’s shade at the Whiplash star.

He posted:

Bravo! They’re inspiring some serious #SquadGoalz right now.

We hope the Insurgent actor’s feeling much better surrounded by the praise of his peers after taking Esquire‘s comments personally. We can’t really blame him though.

What do U think of all the d*ck drama?! SOUND OFF in the comments (below)!

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Miles Teller's Fantastic Four Co-Stars Rally Around Him After His Esquire Magazine D*ck Debacle!
Source: Perez Hilton

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