May 012016

This is crazy!!!

Old Navy posted a tweet way back on Friday showing an interracial family in an advertisement for their clothing, and — because the Internet is a weird place — Twitter users started finding controversy with it on Sunday morning!

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Trending across America on Sunday, here’s the original Old Navy tweet showing the interracial family — but wait until you see the replies (below)!!!!

Nothin’ wrong with that! And a few gorgeous models!

But then the Internet went berserk… and racists came out of the woodwork mad about showing an interracial couple!


Fortunately, some actually intelligent people were around to call these losers out!

And it set off a firestorm (below):


And then one user REALLY dropped the bomb (below):


At least there are people there to point at these racists and shame them, even if it’s only on Twitter…

[Image via Old Navy.]

Old Navy Posts A Tweet With An Interracial Family And The Internet Goes CRAZY In Response!
Source: Perez Hilton

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