Apr 192016

Patrick Stewart, the charismatic unicorn you want to be friends with, recently scored extra brownie points with the internet. On Monday night, the British actor got dolled up (like really, really dolled up), to promote his Starz series Blunt Talk in Los Angeles.

Stewart looked practically unrecognizable in his blond wig, silky pink dress, and long, lush lashes. Hey, if you’re going to promote a TV show, you might as well do it with a bang. The internet, of course, loved it — and felt compelled to draw comparisons to actress Helen Mirren

For the record, this is Helen Mirren:

Ugh-ugh, internet. This is Patrick Stewart all the way. 

Something is happening in Hollywood tonight. #blunttalkseason2

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What a treasure.

Patrick Stewart Dressed in Drag, Confused Fans into Thinking He's Helen Mirren
Source: Zimbio

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