Dec 242015

Philip Winchester Says a 'Strike Back' Movie Might Happen!

Philip Winchester looks super sexy in a suit while posing for a photo shoot with Da Man magazine for the December 2015/January 2016 issue.

Here is what the 34-year-old The Player actor had to share with the mag:

On his plans for 2016: “There is a possibility of doing a Strike Back movie. I’m very excited about that, of course. otherwise, I’m enjoying being a dad and hanging out with my little family.”

On what keeps him motivated to keep working: “My wife and daughter constantly motivate me to chase the things I see as important. they also challenge me to do it in a way that is honest. If i can look at my wife and daughter and know I did things the right way, I can go to bed happy and try again the next day. This business is tough, and I’ve been very fortunate. I always assume the job I finish is my last job—it’s just a thing I can’t shake. It keeps me hungry for my next gig.”

On what he misses about Strike Back: “It became this incredible family. We faced so many challenges together and overcame so many problems, that to not be able to continue all that with the same group and story felt really uncomfortable. We became very accustomed to how we all worked together and how we all thought through things. it became a brilliant story delivery device.”

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Philip Winchester Says a 'Strike Back' Movie Might Happen!
Source: Just Jared

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