Oct 032009

I maybe found my pink Chloé bag. I don’t know if it is real or not real Chloé bag. Officially this Chloe bag’s color above is purple red but for me this beautiful Paddington bag is enough pink. This Chloé bag is beautiful.

I also found a dark pink Chloe bag, which is as beautiful as the first Chloe bag above.

If you like light pink bags, this is maybe the dream bag for you.

I found these beautiful Chloe bags from onelle.com. There are many beautiful bags. This shop says that they sell both real designer bags and not real but quality bags.

This lovely purple and dark pink Chloe Paddington Padlock Satchel Hand Bag I found from ebay. The seller says that it’s 2009 Unique, Brand new 100% Authentic Chloé “Paddington”.

How can you certainly know, that you buy the authentic Chloé bag? I know one place, which is very real:

Go to the official Chloé. I didn’t find my pink Paddington Chloé bag from there but they tell you boutiques and E-shopping sites which sell their lovely Chloé bags.

I have been looking for a pink bag. Dark pink Chloé bag would be my dream bag. I hope that Santa Claus brings me the authentic, beautiful dark pink Chloé bag.

Do you love Chloé bags?

What kind of bag is your dream bag?