Nov 272009

This weekend I am going to start decorate my home for the holidays. I don’t take away the Christmas decorations until after the New Year. I don’t have many pink Christmas decorations, because all shops here ( I live in a little town) are full of red, green, white and golden decorations. But I’ll do some shopping soon and buy something, which makes my Christmas more pink.

Though I don’t need so much pink stuff to make my Christmas pink. My Christmas is always pink with my loving husband.

But still… I found very beautiful Christmas Trees on Treetopia. It carries trees for every style, and my Christmas style naturally is pink. Treetopia sells high quality Christmas decorations.

The Pink Christmas Tree is perfect for those who love Pink Christmas.

The Pretty in Pink Tree (photo above) is my favorite Pink Christmas Tree.

This Purple Groove Tree is also very beautiful Christmas Tree.

I also love real green spruce Christmas trees.

More pink Christmas trees

What kind of Christmas tree is your favorite?