Feb 032010

Surprise, surprise, pink home decor is my favorite home decor. Color Bakery makes high quality and unique custom-made tile murals, home decor, art gifts and art wearables.

They also make pink home decor. I’m so glad about this discovery. Color Bakery makes almost everything for your beautiful home and for my pink home:)

These pink home decor images by artist Mindy Sommers are my favorites:

This original pink butterfly art image is so beautiful. This pink butterfly art “Languid Journeys” is available for all their products (tile murals, wall art, fabric, furniture and so on).

This pink moon image “Moon in Bloom” from award-winning surreal artist Mindy Sommers is my mystic favorite. This pink home decor I would love to have on my pink bedroom wall.

This pink Tiffany style “Dalaveaux” art image is not actual stained glass, but it looks just like it. You can take this pink art, styled like stained glass into places where it was never before able to go.

Color Bakery makes lovely art in every color. Pink Links loves pink… And Color Bakery also makes lovely purple and violet art.

What do you think about these pink home decor images?