Nov 182009

I found a very sexy pink party dress from Amazon

We have very popular Little Christmas Parties all over our country. Our party season has already begun but many people celebrate Little Christmas in late November or early December.

For example Schools and kindergartens organize Little Christmas Parties almost same way as real Christmas. Some adults go to cultural happenings but generally companies and adults celebrate Little Christmas as a funny or very wild party. People love to dance and eat well. They also love to have some kind of other entertainment. Drinks are very popular. Often people shame what they have done while celebrating Little Christmas. They for example have done something naughty together with their boss or his wife.

Women love to do some shopping before Little Christmas Party. It’s important to find a beautiful party dress. Many women like to have not too sexy dress but young people often wear minidresses or miniskirts despite here is winter.

I love this pink party dress. I’m sure that men would love my pink party dress and women would maybe hate me and my sexy party dress. Someone could hit me in a women’s toilet.

But I am safe at home:) This year I celebrate Little Christmas with my husband. I love pink party dresses. I would wear this hot pink party dress. Would you?