Apr 242016

After Prince‘s sudden death earlier this week, police continue to investigate.

And now, that investigation will turn to those who knew the Purple Rain singer the best, including members of his entourage in Minnesota.

Photo: Mike Tyson’s Weird Prince Tribute Upsets Twitter

According to a report in PEOPLE, the chief deputy of the Carver County Sheriff’s Office, Jason Kamerud, is now intent on investigating and interviewing Prince’s close connections in addition to waiting for autopsy results.

Kamerud said:

“We’re in a holding pattern pending autopsy and toxicology results. There are interviews to run down and documents to collect. We are in the process of conducting an investigation, which generally involves interviewing people who have information pertinent to the investigation.”

This, coming after reports that authorities wanted to talk to those closest to Prince about the star’s death — and even wanting to speak to the flight crew in the initial flight that made an emergency landing last week to start all this drama.

It all sounds pretty straightforward from here; thus far, authorities have given no indication that they believe Prince’s death is a suicide or a homicide.

Sounds like they just want to get a better idea of what happened with Prince’s tragic death.

We still are so torn up about it.

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Police Seeking Interviews With Prince's Entourage After The Icon's Sudden Death
Source: Perez Hilton

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