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Quentin Tarantino doesn’t give a single f**k! But he does give praise.

In a fantastically honest interview in which he lauded Barack Obama as the best president of his lifetime and said Wes Craven messed up Scream, the Django Unchained director had some VERY nice things to say about Jennifer Lawrence.

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We told you several months ago that J.Law was in contention for a phenomenal role as a crazypants criminal on her way to be hanged in his new western The Hateful Eight.

It turns out the Hunger Games star did catch his eye! He revealed:

“When I was looking for Daisy, I could have seen Jennifer Lawrence doing a good job with the role. I’m a very big fan of hers. I think she could end up being another little Bette Davis if she keeps on going the way she’s going. I think her work with David O. Russell is very reminiscent of William Wyler and Bette Davis’s.”

(FYI, William Wyler and Bette Davis made three films in which Davis got nominated for an Oscar — she won for 1939’s Jezebel.)

So why DIDN’T he go with that Jennifer, opting instead for Single White Female star Jennifer Jason Leigh?? He explained:

“Having said that, though, Daisy should be a little older. She should fit in with the guys. Jennifer Jason Leigh came in and was really good. She went for a couple of things that other people just kind of playacted. She had to act like she got shot, and she just screamed bloody murder. I kept remembering Jennifer’s bloodcurdling scream. If it had happened in a house, somebody would have called the cops.”

Wow. Amber Tamblyn originated the role of Daisy Domergue during the staged live reading, and by all accounts it was an award-worthy role!

We can’t wait to see what J.Leigh does in the part!

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Quentin Tarantino LOVES Jennifer Lawrence — But Explains Why He Didn't Cast Her In The Hateful Eight!
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