Jan 272016

Will Kanye West FINALLY make up his mind?!

Yeezy’s highly-anticipated album is dropping February 11, and the infamous perfectionist is making changes right down to the wire…

INCLUDING the album’s title!

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On Tuesday, the 38-year-old took to Twitter to announce that his new LP will no longer be named SWISH! Instead, it will be :

As seen from the tracklist, Waves is also the name of the song he did with Paul McCartney!

This isn’t the first time the rapper has been indecisive with the moniker of his upcoming project.

As we reported last year, Mr. West originally named his CD So Help Me God.

Whatever the hell he’s calling it, we’re totally excited to hear his music!

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R.I.P. SWISH! Kanye West Changes The Title Of His Upcoming Album AGAIN!
Source: Perez Hilton

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