Apr 242016

Maury Povich, what have you done?

For those who haven’t visited the world wide web over the past few days, a woman resembling presidential hopeful Ted Cruz recently appeared on the Maury Show. While Searcy Hayes visited Maury to find out the identity of her infant son’s father, she left with a lot more than she anticipated — a viral meme.

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Based on the side by side of Searcy and Ted (above)! it’s not hard to see the similarities.

Now that Hayes is a huge sensation, she has received offers from many people… including the porn company xHamster. According to the company, they’re willing to pay the 21-year-old and her boyfriend $10,000 dollars to appear in a 6-minute seXXXy video.

If you’re already thinking this story is too insane to be true, it gets BETTER. Not only is Searcy more than down to film the flick, but her fiancé Freddie Green thinks she’s now “more famous” than Madonna!

Speaking to the Huffington Post on why she’s down to do the x-rated vid, Searcy admitted:

“I’m fine with it because everything is going to support my family. I want to get my son whatever he wants.”

Hopefully S.H. puts most of the money in a college fund for her little one. We can only hope!

As for Mr. Green, he’s busy googling “how to film a sex tape with an iPhone”, as well as gushing over his lady’s stardom:

“We want to buy a truck, pay off our house and we might get married. I never had anyone say, ‘Here’s $10,000! Go make a sex tape’. It’s kind of exciting and shocking to know she’s famous — she’s more famous than Madonna! I’m with a star.”

Well… that’s one way to put it.

If you’re wondering if Mr. Cruz will view this sure to be work of art, his campaign has yet to comment. Considering T.C. believes owning sex toys is a straight ticket to hell, we have a feeling the answer will be NO.

Live your truth, Searcy!

[Image via NBC/WENN.]

Remember That Female Ted Cruz Lookalike? You'll Never Believe How She Plans To Capitalize On Her Meme Fame!
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