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Remember the “affluenza” kid??

Back on June 15, 2013, Ethan Couch stole some beer from a local Walmart in North Texas and got drunk with some friends.

After becoming inebriated, the then 16-year-old got behind the wheel of his truck and crashed into another vehicle on the side of the road, killing four people — Hollie Boyles, Shelby Boyles, Breanna Mitchell, and Brian Jennings.

The teenager’s vehicle also hit a parked car which sent two of his friends hurtling through the air; luckily they ended up surviving but with severe injuries.

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In December 2013, a Tarrant County juvenile court judge sentenced the boy to 10 years of probation for his crimes after a psychologist said that the 16-year-old suffered from affluenza.

This is a controversial defense that claims wealthy people suffer from a lack of motivation or feeling of guilt for their actions.

Well now it seems Ethan’s probation officer can’t find him or his mother! Attorneys Scott Brown and William Reagan Wynn said:

“The juvenile probation officer has been unable to make contact with Ethan or his mother with whom he has been residing.”

As a result, a court ordered a warrant for Couch’s arrest.

This doesn’t seem too surprising as the boy was allegedly recently caught playing drinking games in a video shared to social media:

We can’t believe someone would go back to drinking after committing such a terrible crime. It seems even more unbelievable that he would risk violating his probation.

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The teenager should be incredibly thankful he got such a light sentence — despite the public outcry — but his alleged behavior recently seem to show he feels no remorse.

Of course we hope that nothing has happened to Ethan or his mother, but we also wish the boy would also take more responsibility for his actions.

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Remember The 'Affluenza' Teen Who Killed Four People & Only Received Probation? Police Are On The Hunt Because He's Missing!
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