Mar 192017

This is pretty scary stuff.

Real Housewives Of New Jersey star Kim DePaola‘s car is now the focal point of a double murder investigation in New Jersey, after cops found two badly burned bodies in the car on Friday.

Both victims had been shot in the head, too, in what’s being termed as an “execution style” killing.

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The backstory goes something like this, per TMZ: DePaola’s son Chris was the one who regularly drove the car. Last Wednesday, two days before the murders, he went out of town and gave the car to a friend to look after.

That friend was apparently not supposed to drive the car around town, and only take it back home to put away for safe-keeping.

Obviously, that didn’t happen — but even worse, Chris now apparently can’t get in contact with that friend, and he’s getting worried about what that means.

No public leads or other info on the case about who was in the car, or who might have done it. And clearly, DePaola herself is a minor player here, merely a victim in her own (far lesser) way for having her property torched by someone.

But whatever did go down, this is scary, scary stuff.

R.I.P. to the victims.

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RHONJ Star Kim DePaola's Car Is At The Center Of A Double Murder Investigation In New Jersey
Source: Perez Hilton

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