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Leave it to Sacha Baron Cohen!

The 44-year-old comedian is known for his extreme roles in Borat, Bruno, The Dictator, and now his new character in the upcoming film The Brothers Grimsby.

While promoting the movie on the WTF! podcast with Marc Maron, Isla Fisher‘s husband took us behind the scenes of filming his outrageous projects AND revealed that he’s 23 percent gay. Sure!

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When Maron asked the Brit if he’s gay, Cohen responded:

“I’m 23 percent gay. We worked it out did the calculations. I’m 23 percent gay. There are times I go down to 17 sometimes I’m 31 depends on the situation. When I was doing Borat and I had the testicles at my chin I was at 31.”

Whatever floats your boat, Sacha!

The funny man also took the time to share some other interesting facts — including that the FBI got involved during the production of Borat:

“On Borat the FBI started following us. They got so many complaints that there was a terrorist traveling in an ice-cream van…that they started compiling a file on us.”

And that’s not the only time he’s had to run from the law while filming:

“We hire a kind of bodyguard. He’s bit like [Grimsby’s] Nobby actually. He’s this northern bloke, and his job is to prevent me from being arrested. There’s a bit in Bruno where I end up drunk with my assistant, and we wake up in this hotel room. We’re chained together in all this extreme S&M gear, there’s feces on the walls…it’s disgusting. We call down, and I get the manager up. We always have an escape van waiting in an alleyway.
He unlocked us [from the chains], we start running to the service elevator, get in the service elevator, the doors are closing—suddenly the hotel security open the doors, and they say ‘Get out, we’ve got the police downstairs’… We run away from them, start running down the stairs—we’re only on the 17th floor—and I’m in a G-string. I’m like, ‘Where are we going? There’s cops downstairs.’ And he says, ‘Out the window!’ So I look out the window and there’s a rickety old fire escape. There are two little American ladies [on the pavement] who are having a little cigarette break, and there, from the heavens, appears me. I jump in front of them, wearing heels, and this crazy S&M stuff, and there’s my friend with a toilet brush in his mouth.”

LOL! Well, he might’ve broken his foot, but they didn’t get caught… so, success?

You can hear more from this crazy interview HERE.

Sacha Baron Cohen Says He's 23 Percent Gay — Okay, Sure!
Source: Perez Hilton

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