Apr 122016

Everything Marvel Studios touches turns to gold, and now they’re all up on Tessa Thompson!

The Creed scene stealer has just joined Thor: Ragnarok as a mystery character reported to be a new love interest for Chris Hemsworth!

Tough break, Natalie Portman!

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Interestingly, the passing of the torch may actually happen in person as Tessa is first set to star opposite Natalie in Alex Garland‘s Ex Machina followup Annihilation.

But gurl isn’t just some arm candy for Thor’s INSANELY huge biceps — she’s a full fledged superhero!

According to reports, her character will even appear in other Marvel movies!

Based on that and earlier reports Ragnarok takes place mostly in Asgard and other realms, we’re going to guess she’s playing Valkyrie — an Asgardian warrior who rides a pegasus and eventually joins the Avengers!

What do YOU think of Tessa joining the MCU??

[Image via WENN/Marvel/Disney.]

Sorry, Natalie Portman! Chris Hemsworth Has A NEW Love Interest In Thor 3, And She's Played By THIS Rising Star!
Source: Perez Hilton

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