Aug 122015

We’re in for quite a show!

The Late Show on CBS is just around the corner and as much as we’ve missed David Letterman, we’re beyond excited for Stephen Colbert to take over!

Last week we got the exciting news via Twitter that George Clooney will be his first guest on The Late Show.

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And just yesterday the former Colbert Report host announced at the TCA summer press tour that Kendrick Lamar would be his first musical guest!

But Stephen didn’t stop there as he’s looking to pull out all the stops! He made another Twitter announcement about a SECOND guest he’ll be having on his first show by saying:

ALL of them?

If you ask us, that’s a yes on having Donald Trump on!

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At the TCA yesterday, the late night host also talked about his character he played for The Colbert Report and he shared his thoughts on dropping the act by saying

“My character was actively ignorant about [guests]. One of the reasons I most wanted to drop the character is that I felt I had done everything I could do with him — or everything I could with that show — other than have my honest interest in the guest, which is almost constant.”

We kind of figured he was moving on and just like Colbert, we’re ready for a change and to see the real Stephen!

We can’t wait for September 8, when he makes his late night debut!

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Stephen Colbert Lands Jeb Bush As His Second Late Show Guest! But Is He Teasing A Donald Trump Appearance Too??
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