Jul 282012

If you are looking for a beautiful pink leather backpack, you might like these pink backpacks. I adore pink bags. I love these healthy and stylish leather backpacks.

How beautiful is this cute and functional bag, rose pink shoulder and backpack. I want this

Persian Rose Pink Shoulder and Backpack

I also love this dark pink leather backpack. How chic is this Lodis Women’s Berry Pink Leather Backpack

More cute pink leather backpacks

More many kinds of pink backpacks

Sep 072011

If you love pink backpacks, you might like these Belvah backpacks. I love these beautiful pink Belvah backpacks with dots, bow and ribbon. Pink bows are lovely.

How lovely is this bag,
Belvah pink backpack with polka dots ribbon

I also love this white and pink Belvah backpack with pink bow











This lime and pink backpack made from quilted fabric is also so cute Belvah bag

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Nov 222009

Hello those who live in the U.S. or Canada. You can buy these beautiful Hello Kitty bags, which are so cute.

I haven’t seen these Hello Kitty bags here, but our shops sell lots of Hello Kitty products. One day I and my husband saw a little girl who wore a beautiful Hello Kitty knitted cap. My husband whispered to me: “That girl has stolen your knitted cap”. I laughed, but I knew immediately that I would like to own that Hello Kitty knitted cap. I try to find it when I next time do some shopping.

I also try to find these Hello Kitty bags:

The photo above is a smart Hello Kitty Messenger bag, which I adore.

This is a beautiful Hello Kitty Backpack, which I love.

This is a Hello Kitty rolling backpack, which I need.

This is a Hello Kitty rolling travel bag. I am going to travel with this pink travel bag to my Pink Dream World. It’s not far away… But where is my bag?

If you are an lucky American or a happy Canadian, you can buy these Hello Kitty bags on Sanrio.com

What do you think about these pink Hello Kitty bags?