Aug 142012

I love this cute pink swim tee.

This pink beach tee is Speedo Women’s Swim Tee

Speedo is the best selling swim brand.

This pink swim tee is the perfect shirt for beach sports and useful as a swim cover-up. You look fashionable and you protect yourself from the sun’s harmful rays. This Speedo swim tee is ideal for water skiing, snorkeling, boating or at the beach or pool, comfortable for wear in or out of the water.

Pink beach and pool tees are lovely.

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Jun 022011

I love pink swimsuits. How cute is this
designer Marc By Marc Jacobs Swimsuit

This pink swimsuit looks so romantic and beautiful. This designer Marc By Marc Jacobs Lace Garden swimsuit is a one piece lingerie tank. This one piece seamed pink maillot swimsuit is so feminine.

I love hot summer days, beach and sea. Pink swimwear makes my summer even more lovely.

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May 102010

I found beautiful sexy bikinis

I love swimming and pink sexy bikinis. Soon it’s summer. I miss summer and sea. I also love lakes. This summer I promise to enjoy water activities.

Sexy bikinis are made for us women. And it’s not surprise that men also love sexy bikinis.

Pink bikinis are available in many stylistic variations. Sexy pink bikinis are my favorite swimwear. I need a new pink swimsuit. Bikinis would be sexy choice and useful for any activity in the sun, such as sun bathing. Too much sun is not healthy but pink bikinis are always gorgeous and absolutely necessary.

I love this Sheer Mesh bikini by designer UjENA.
It’s luxurious beach glamour. These hot pink very sexy bikinis are luxe designer swimwear. These bikinis make your body look perfect.

Enjoy the summer and these pink sexy bikinis!

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Feb 072010

I love pink, dots and bags. Pink bows also are my favorites. So… You can guess that a sweet pink dot bag with pink bow is something, which makes me happy.

This Monogrammed Double Dot Bag is so sweet pink tote bag that I would use it every day and night. This pink dot bag is a beautiful gift to your friend or to yourself. I would like to buy two monogrammed dot bags, with T (Taika) and J (my husband). And of course one more… PL (Pink Links) dot bag.

Pink shopping is always inspiring. You can’t have everything, but you can dream about gorgeous pink shopping all over the world. This pink dot bag is great for preschool, beach bag and for what ever occassion. Pink bags are always lovely for all girls, who love pink and bags.

I would love to have a new pink tote bag. I don’t live in the U.S. but if you live there, you can buy this sweet pink dot bag on Sew Girlie.

Do you love pink dot bags?