Jun 252019

If you’re a fan of the soft romance imbued in every piece from LoveShackFancy, you will be delighted to know that the brand recently launched swimwear. The collection is designed with the same notes as its ready-to-wear pieces with ruffle-trimmed necklines, pastel floral prints, delicate bows, tie details, and puff sleeves that instantly evoke a feeling of old-world whimsy. In other words, they’re undeniably pretty and feel destined to end up in suitcases in the months ahead.

To find out more about the new swimsuits, I spoke with LoveShackFancy founder Rebecca Hessel Cohen, who told us what inspired her to create the collection, her must-buy pieces for summer, and the key fashion trends she is standing behind in 2019. Go on to read the interview and to shop the pretty swimsuits from LoveShackFancy.

What inspired you to create a swimsuit collection for LoveShackFancy?

I wear a bikini under everything, all year round, and always have one in my bag. It felt like a natural progression for LoveShackFancy.

What ideas influenced the collection, and where did you look for inspiration?

Florals are always so inspiring to us. We wanted to give our LoveShack girls our happy, ditsy prints and sophisticated watercolor florals to mix and match all summer long. I love a spirited print-mix moment. 

What are the key swimsuit trends for 2019 that you’re tapping into?

We never follow trends. We are ruffles, florals, and bows forever. We are currently obsessing over our pink tie-dye Gaga Suit.

What is your must-buy swimsuit from the line?

I live in our basic Riviera Bikini Top (a classic triangle bikini with a sweet ruffle trim) and Harbor Bikini Bottom. Our mixed-print colorways for summer are quintessential LoveShackFancy: cooky, charming, and spirited.  

Why florals? Do you anticipate that will be a big swimsuit trend this season?

Florals are an always for us. We are happy it’s aligning with other exciting things in the market.

What are your tips for styling swimsuits this summer?

To style them with our LoveShackFancy x Superga sneakers and sandals and layered under everything. Our bikinis are meant to be worn from the beach to out dancing at night. 

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The Pretty Swimsuits Everyone Will Want This Summer
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Jun 242019

In case you need a little refresher on the timeline of Karlie Kloss and Joshua Kushner’s relationship, the pair were first linked in 2012, they got engaged last July, and they had an intimate wedding in upstate New York last October (details on that one here). And now, months later, Kloss and Kushner had a second wedding celebration over the weekend in Saratoga, Wyoming. This time around, they invited more of their friends (like Derek Blasberg, Katy Perry, and Orlando Bloom), and the celebration was well documented on Instagram.

While Kloss wore an elegant, traditional Dior wedding dress for their first nuptials last year, for this more casual affair, she opted for an off-the-shoulder white Jonathan Simkhai maxi dress (from the designer’s S/S 19 collection), with Western influences that were fitting for the beautiful ranch location. Scroll on to see Kloss’s beautiful Western wedding dress and more photos from the couple’s second wedding weekend.

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Karlie Kloss Wore the Prettiest Casual Dress for Her Second Wedding
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Jun 232019

As far as we’ve been told, finding the right color for your skin tone is very difficult business. Articles ask us to compare our skin to a season—”Are you a spring or a winter?”—or even examine the color of the veins on our wrist. But figuring out what’s most flattering shouldn’t have to be so complicated, right?

We wanted to cut through the nonsense and nail down the specific colors that will flatter everyone, so we broke things down by five general skin tones to make things as simple as possible. Below, you’ll find our easy guide to complementing your skin tone so you’ll never be caught wearing the wrong color again. As an added bonus, it comes complete with shopping options to help you dress your best—totally hassle-free. Ready to check it all out? Read on for our guide to which color is best for your skin tone.

Bold colors like Claire Most’s cobalt blue sweater look incredible against dark skin.

That blue is so pretty.

Pastel colors like Kellie Brown’s light yellow jacket stand out against a darker complexion.

Sport the soft hue with a trendy oversize blazer. 

Ruby red has never looked better. Pair with deep red for extra style points. 

Perfect for day or night.

Khaki and olive green both look incredible on your skin tone, and considering utility styles are currently trending, this is just one more reason to opt for the color.

Best when worn with combat boots.

Don’t hold back on the white, the fresh color makes your skin literally glow.

The perfect sweater to cozy up in.

Bright pink, though often a hard sell for some, couldn’t look better against your skin tone.

Now all you need is a glamorous event to attend. 

Medium skin tones can pull off most types of metallic, ranging from silver to copper, like these standout gold pants.

Dress it down with sneakers and a tee.

If your skin tone is in the medium range, consider wearing dove gray. If you’ve got lighter skin, opt for a charcoal gray, and if you’ve got darker skin, a very pale gray will look best.

Go ahead and wear your leggings as pants underneath this cozy sweater.

Not many can wear highlighter-worthy hues, but as Giovanna Battaglia Engelbert proved in this skirt set, medium-skinned ladies have got this look in the bag.

Super fly.

Jewel tones are a great way for light-skinned women to wear saturated colors. Need proof? Look no further than this stylish suit.

Not your average black furry coat.

A pastel color with just enough pigment, like on this teddy coat, looks gorgeous against pale skin. Our advice? Pair it with a red lip for a pop of color.

Baby blue done right.

The classic tan color on Caroline Daur’s shearling coat creates an appealing contrast with her fair skin.

Camel always makes pieces look more expensive. 

This pale shade of green is just light enough to complement your fair skin well. Freshen up the look for spring by wearing a seafoam green piece with white ankle boots.

This color makes any outfit stand out.

Millennial Pink is a term we’ve all come to use for this particular pale shade of blush. Thankfully, the color is easily found on so many stylish pieces and looks amazing on fair skin tones.

You won’t want to take off this cozy pullover.

Yes, that’s right. The It color of the season was tailor-made for fair skin, so feel free to shop all those pretty lavender pieces to your heart’s content.

This coat speaks for itselfwear with a plain T-shirt and fun sneakers.

This post was originally published at an earlier date and has since been updated by Judith Jones.

The Best Colors to Wear for Your Skin Tone
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Jun 222019

Last autumn, there was a period of about a month or two when merely walking from my apartment to my office (about a mile in New York) was causing chronic, searing pain in my right foot. Really, walking anywhere was painful—to the grocery store, to the park, to the subway. In other words, it was a huge pain in a literal and metaphorical sense. Finally, I decided to seek help by way of a podiatrist, Joseph Alencherry, DPM, and what I learned from that visit has not only enlightened the way I view footwear but also subsequently caused these shooting pains to dissipate. Yes, there’s a happy ending here.

By the time I got to Alencherry’s office, I already knew we’d be talking about the elephant in the room: bunions. I did ballet for over 15 years, so I have small(ish) bunions. If you don’t know what these are, you’re one of the lucky ones. As explained on Alencherry’s website, bunions are “an enlargement on the big toe … and misalignment of the joint at that location.” What happens, the site goes on to explain, is that the deformity reshapes the big toe inward, causing inflammation and—bluntly—pain.

Inflammation and pain… sounds about right. They’re not caused strictly by ballet, of course. The major causes of bunions are genetics, rheumatoid arthritis, and improperly fitting shoes.

That last one is typically what people like myself associate with bunions. Wear high heels too often? Bunions. Wear pointe shoes for an excess of years? Bunions. Well, it turns out there’s a surprising twist to this story…

When I arrived at my appointment, he did, in fact, call me out on said bunions, but his follow-up shocked me a bit. In fact, I may or may not have expected a high-five when he asked me what shoes I wore and I quickly and confidently proclaimed that I don’t really wear heels anymore. Instead, he stopped me and explained that heels aren’t the only shoe culprits behind foot pain, pointed to my sneakers (a pair of Supergas), and said that even low-to-the-ground shoes—sneakers or flats—can create legitimate foot pain if they push your toes together. Say what?

Sure, I knew that wearing heels causes your toes to slide forward and squish together. But the notion that even a pair of sneakers could be unsafe was mindblowing to me. After some X-rays, my rejecting a cortisone shot because I hate needles, and a painful walk back to the office, I got to thinking about my shoe closet.

What I found was an assortment of shoes meant for people with narrow feet. Sneakers, loafers, ankle boots, a few high heels I refuse to part ways with—all, for the most part, narrow. Now knowing that I had to make a change and that surgery wasn’t going to be it, I started investing in and wearing footwear that offers different widths, and it reversed my pain.

Moral of the story: Shoes are fun and not to be avoided, but wear any one style in moderation, and make sure you have a handful of pairs that let your toes spread out and chill out.

Any of the above sound familiar? Scroll down for some pain-free footwear picks from one of my favorite brands that let you customize your shoes to your foot measurements.

Another easy-on-the-feet choice? Birkenstocks—see how to style yours.

My Podiatrist Told Me a Secret: These Surprising Shoes Cause Foot Pain
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