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Around the world, women look to their counterparts in France as a source of inspiration. It seems that French women have a lesson in effortlessly cool fashion to teach the rest of us. But, sitting at the pinnacle of the Parisians is the model, rocker, and muse Caroline de Maigret. At 43, Caroline’s laid-back yet elegant style is equally inspiring to women at 21 as it is to those at 81. The trendsetter’s style manages to transcend age in part because her approach to dressing is particularly refreshing; she manages to share her unique taste while always keeping things simple.

But, don’t just take it from us, it turns out Caroline has some seriously inspiring words on exactly how she developed her rules for dressing. To help highlight her perspective, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite quotes from Caroline over the past years. Each encapsulates exactly what makes her a favorite among fashion’s It crowd, no matter where they live. Continue on to check out her style, and read up on a few of our favorite quotes from Caroline.

A neutral turtleneck is a must-have.
Oversized glasses are an effortless accessory to add to your look.
These go with everything.
Never underestimate the power of a basic v-neck sweater.
This chic long coat is the perfect addition to a simple wardrobe.
This feminine shape is so elegant.
You can’t call your style French without a trench coat.
Try this classic style.
A minimal shoulder bag makes day-to-night dressing simple.

This post was originally published at an earlier date and has since been updated. Up next, 17 items every Instagram-obsessed girl will love.

7 Things Everyone Can Learn From This 43-Year-Old French Trendsetter
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Dec 082018

Don’t you want to know? We did too. So, when we recently had the chance to chat with Shopbop Fashion Director Caroline Maguire at the company’s epic holiday party this week, we couldn’t help but ask: What trends did people buy a lot of this year? As it turns out, many of the same pieces we here at Who What Wear loved were the ones everyone else did too! From embellished accessories to fun faux-fur coats, it really was a good year for statement pieces in fashion but, of course, some reemerged classics as well. With such good iterations of all of them from our favorite brands, I have a feeling they’ll be sticking around for a few more seasons, too.

If you want to see and shop all six of the trends for yourself before the year comes to an end—or they sell out!—just keep scrolling.

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The Top 6 Trends People Actually Bought in 2018
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Dec 072018

It all began as a casual comment in Who What Wear’s secret Facebook group asking for everyone’s least favorite trend of 2018. It quickly grew into a large feedback forum on the trends that collectively earned an eye roll from fashion followers this year. Scanning the comments, there were a lot of common themes, which inspired one member Rochelle to ask, “Looks like we are all in sync, so why is this junk showing up as cool?” Well, it turns out junk is in the eye of the beholder, but there were some trends that stood out as earning the most exasperation. Accordingly, we cataloged the mentions, which largely fell into two categories, trends with just a smattering of dissenters and trends that earned an avalanche of naysayers. We organized them below, ranked from least hated to most. Scroll down to the bottom to see the #1 trend that drew the most ire and shop alternatives to the highly debatable styles.

For $35, what are you waiting for? 
“I prefer the pearls trend by a longshot.” 
It’s a pearl party, and you’re invited.
“A little too auto mechanic for me.” 
Wear it for winter with a thin turtleneck underneath.
“So not here for the plastic bags and clothing trend.” 
Still eye-catching, but you don’t need to hide your receipts and loose change.
It was one of the last sunglasses shapes Phoebe Philo came out with for Céline. 
“Animal print overload. I sawa someone wearing top to toe snakeskin and leopard print!”  Shantila
Zara is betting hard on scarf and chain print pieces.
A visual palette cleanser, if you will. 
“Biker shorts and dad sneakers. I mean, just no.” Diana
If Pernille Teisbaek is into it, so are we. 
Can’t fault ’em. Next up, check out the next 9 trends that are coming for 2019.

The 9 Most Hated Trends of 2018, Ranked By Resentment
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Dec 062018

In an overcrowded Instagram feed consisting of 45% fashion inspiration, 45% LOL-worthy memes, and 10% personal content from friends (is this just me?), it can be hard to make an OOTD pic stand out. I’ve been studying my favorite fashion accounts for long enough at this point to have noticed three things that always make me stop for a double tap: anything sparkly, bold prints, and lots of colors. I’m not sure if there’s any science behind this, but personally, I find clothing and accessories in these categories always catch my attention. Feel free to test this theory for yourself with any of these 17 Instagram-approved pieces. Just don’t @ me when you get a ton of comments and new followers, because you, my friend, have been warned.

Every fashion feed has at least a few logomania shots.
This bright shade somehow looks flattering on everyone, so find that perfect lighting and get to photographing.
Yes to everything animal print (but also major yes to the price on these).
This dress was made for the KiraKira+ app.
Your favorite fashion girls all own this coat (and post it regularly), so it’s worth the investment as far as I’m concerned.
Bonus points for posing in these next to a horse (but a cool street background will do too).
I’d double-tap for this bag 100 times if I could. 
Make sure to nail your power stance to show off these cool bold sneakers.
Wear this for your next holiday party Instagram photo but also for NYE, your birthday, your friend’s birthday—you get the idea.
I always do a double take when I see a pink-and-red color combo.
Everyone loves denim, so this unique pair is sure to get you a ton of “Where’d you get those?” inquiries.
You just can’t scroll past a good rainbow accessory without double tapping.
A print + a chain belt? Send these bad boys straight to the ‘gram.
Don’t post a photo in this skirt if you don’t want all of your friends to own it by next week.
A polka-dot anything always stands out.
Every fashion influencer has posted a photo in I.Am.Gia’s signature oversize jacket.
Don’t have a beaded bag yet? Your Instagram is about to be on fire.

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17 Items Every Instagram-Obsessed Girl Will Love (Myself Included)
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