Jan 252010

Valentine’s Day is soon here. I usually send couple of Valentine’s Day cards and I love to give and get tiny pink Valentine’s Day Gifts, and of course chocolate.

Here is my this year Valentine’s Day Gifts ideas.

If your friends or beloved ones love pink flowers, pink Valentine’s roses are the lovely choice. Though I would prefer chocolate, because Valentine’s Day is so good reason to eat more chocolate;) Though I also love pink roses. My best Valentine’s Day Gift choice maybe would be chocolate and pink roses. This beautiful bouquet of 8 fresh cut pink roses, Peruvian lilies and asters is one of my favorite Valentine’s Day Gifts. Pink roses are always sweet and innocent but also romantic.

If you love cookies and flowers, you might like this pink cookie flowers Valentine’s Day Gift. This cookie flower pot looks sweet and funny.

Both of these and many other beautiful Valentine’s Day Gifts ideas you find on Gifts.com

Friendship and love are the most important pink gifts, but still… These pink gifts are sweet.

What kind of gift is your favorite Valentine gift?

Sep 112009

Paradise accompanied by a wide range of issues, including religion and eroticism. Pink is my paradise. Heaven is paradise, and my paradise is a pink sky.

The most-played Finnish song is Paradise (Paratiisi in Finnish language) by Rauli Badding Somerjoki. That Paradise song is for ever pink song for me. Good music is a pink paradise for me.

Pink Paradise is often linked to eroticism and even sex bars. My sex life is very private and beautiful paradise with true love. A stylish erotic dress is one kind of paradise, which is permitted to me. Sexy pink clothing is the best, one type of pink heaven.

I found a web of trade, called the Pink Paradise. Pink Paradise, it seems interesting, but I have not done with that Pink Paradise closer acquaintance.

I found also called Pink Paradise ugly pink sweaters and shoes, a pink paradise which is so far away real paradise that I don’t have interest to travel there, even if I could get free tickets.

If you live in the UK, you can subscribe Pink Paradise pink bouquet of flowers into your home to create a beautiful atmosphere of paradise. You will get the bouquet of fabulous Pink Anthuriums with dark green foliage (the “Pink Paradise” photo above).

Pink Paradise called cocktail is said to be somewhere there, but I have not tasted it. Have you tasted Pink Paradise cocktail?

My pink paradise at its best is my home, family and every day life in pink here and now. Love and friendship is the best pink paradise, which I can recommend to you from experience.

What is your paradise?