Jan 142012

I found so lovely pink heart bowl set

Soon it’s Valentine’s day. If you are looking for both useful and beautiful Valentine’s day gift, this pink heart bowl set is the cute pink Valentine’s day gift.

This Zak Designs heart serving bowl set is ideal for serving snacks, condiments, candy and ice cream.

These pink bowls are also perfect for Valentine’s day decoration.

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Dec 202009

Christmas is my favorite celebration. At every Christmas chocolate is my favorite candy. Chocolate truffles, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, assorted chocolates, chocolate with hazelnut and other nuts, fruits, berries and so on are waiting in my kitchen me and my husband and our Christmas.

About week ago we already started to eat chocolate. Every year we buy this Geisha Chocolate by Fazer in Finland. Geisha Chocolate is milk chocolate with soft hazelnut filling. We always eat Geisha chocolates before Christmas, because it’s difficult to wait Christmas without any chocolate;) This pink chocolate heart, box of chocolates with pink candy paper, is also beautiful Christmas Chocolate.

I love Christmas and Chocolate. The most important thing in my Christmas is a joint celebration with my beloved. But without chocolate Christmas does not taste so delicious. Christmas and Chocolate belongs together. They are my faithful friends but not even nearly as important than my husband and my friends:)

Do you eat chocolate at Christmas, my friend?

Jul 142009

I love all kinds of small objects and in particular the various versions of pink mini stuff. Pink mini pails are now my favorite stuff.

I bought my first pink mini pail from Paris. I was then 17 years old. Pink mini pails are wonderful. These adorable pink mini pails offer a great way to dress up your tables, filled to the brim with candies, mints, little flowers and so on. These pink mini pails will look cute bunched up together on your favor tables. Cute and easy to personalize with your own special touches, these pink mini pails are guaranteed to be pails full of delight at your event and your pink life. Pink decoration is my dear hobby. My pink kitchen loves my pink mini pail.

When the sun’s light hits to my pink pail, it almost dazzle my eyes. But I love my pink mini pail. I also have a poison green mini pail, which I’m not going to show here, because pink is my dream world.

This lovely pink mini pail I found from Pink Sunday. Would you like to invite this pink baby pail to your home?