Nov 222009

Hello those who live in the U.S. or Canada. You can buy these beautiful Hello Kitty bags, which are so cute.

I haven’t seen these Hello Kitty bags here, but our shops sell lots of Hello Kitty products. One day I and my husband saw a little girl who wore a beautiful Hello Kitty knitted cap. My husband whispered to me: “That girl has stolen your knitted cap”. I laughed, but I knew immediately that I would like to own that Hello Kitty knitted cap. I try to find it when I next time do some shopping.

I also try to find these Hello Kitty bags:

The photo above is a smart Hello Kitty Messenger bag, which I adore.

This is a beautiful Hello Kitty Backpack, which I love.

This is a Hello Kitty rolling backpack, which I need.

This is a Hello Kitty rolling travel bag. I am going to travel with this pink travel bag to my Pink Dream World. It’s not far away… But where is my bag?

If you are an lucky American or a happy Canadian, you can buy these Hello Kitty bags on

What do you think about these pink Hello Kitty bags?