Feb 032011

What a lovely pink Newport News car coat I found! I love this unique pink leather coat

This Newport News coat is so stylish hooded glazed leather car coat. I adore this raspberry pink color.

For over 30 years, Newport News has been offering the latest fashions for women at easily affordable prices. Newport News fashion clothes are high-quality, on-trend designs.

This women’s leather coat is so cool and feminine car coat. This stylish pink raspberry leather coat is on sale now.

I love leather coats and especially this pink leather coat.

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Oct 062009

I don’t have children but if I had I would like to buy them a pink pedal car. Usually boys get pedal cars but now girls can also have fun.

I found the lovely Pink Princess Pedal Car. My little princess would be delighted to have this beautiful pink pedal car. I didn’t have a pedal car when I was a child. I don’t even have a real car now. I don’t know anything about cars but I love cute cars, especially pink cars.

If I had a little boy, he maybe would have pink clothes and a pink pedal car. He might hate me. Though I know many men who likes pink.

One thing is sure. This pink pedal car is a fantastic gift for your little princess. It’s not so easy to find unique children’s gifts. This Pink Jalopy Pedal Car is ride on toy reminiscent of the 1920’s.

This pink pedal car is child safety tested and approved.

Many online shops sell this beautiful Pink Princess Pedal Car. If you live in USA or Canada you can buy this pink pedal car from Pedal Cars and Retro Collectables. If you live in Europe it’s possible to find this pink pedal car for example from Pixmania.com

If you live somewhere else, I don’t know how to get this pink dream car to your parking place, but at least you can enjoy my pink photos.

I wish I were a child… Somehow I still am:)

Do you like this pink pedal car?

Aug 052009

I do not have a car nor a driving license. Even if I had the beautiful pink car and a driving license I would certainly drive someone over.

I have used to walk a lot. Walking is essential for good health. My health is very important for me but sometimes the car would be necessary. For me the car, even beautiful pink car, would be for the transport from A-place to B-place.

But if I had the car, my car would be, of course, pink car. I found this pinkcars.net site full of pink cars, pink dreams in which I could drive around the streets, countries and beautiful pink world. I would horrify many drivers and walkers.

That pink sports car, which is like a beast, suits well for someone else but this little pink car, sweet pink trade bag and discovery, suits perfectly for me. It’s really hot stuff 🙂

Have you ever fallen in love with pink cars, other automobiles or their drivers? Do you have a car?