Aug 052009

I do not have a car nor a driving license. Even if I had the beautiful pink car and a driving license I would certainly drive someone over.

I have used to walk a lot. Walking is essential for good health. My health is very important for me but sometimes the car would be necessary. For me the car, even beautiful pink car, would be for the transport from A-place to B-place.

But if I had the car, my car would be, of course, pink car. I found this site full of pink cars, pink dreams in which I could drive around the streets, countries and beautiful pink world. I would horrify many drivers and walkers.

That pink sports car, which is like a beast, suits well for someone else but this little pink car, sweet pink trade bag and discovery, suits perfectly for me. It’s really hot stuff 🙂

Have you ever fallen in love with pink cars, other automobiles or their drivers? Do you have a car?

Jun 302009

Pink sale has begun. Pink Links found very fascinating and beautiful pink dress from Klingel in Finland.

This pink dress is a dream fulfillment. I love romance. This romantic pink dress reminds me of the summer festivals, love and lovebirds. Old-fashioned romance appeals to me in particular.

Pink clothing is my passion and pink dresses in particular. Fashion sale is always an opportunity to make a great discovery of the pink. Fashion sales in Internet are very easy. You do not have to run around the city looking for clothes and accessories. Sure, shopping is sometimes really fun, especially when you eat delicious ice cream or cakes while shopping.

My wardrobe is full of pink clothes and accessories. I have a few, for example, pink dress, pink skirt, and many pink blouses. My pink coat is too old and tired;) Fashion sale is assistance to that problem. I’m going to find a beautiful pink coat on sale in Internet. All kinds of pink clothes and accessories are waiting for me now. I must have myself those lovely and romantic pink clothes. I have already bought that romantic pink dress and I love it.

Have you already made a discovery on a summer sale? Do you have any pink clothing?