Jan 222011

I found a cute red and pink cupid costume

This cute and sexy cupid costume is perfect for Valentine’s Day, because cupid is a symbol of Valentine’s Day and romantic love.

If you need a pink angel costume, which is a versatile costume for the celebration and your favorite holiday, this pink cupid costume is perfect for you.

This girlish angel costume is a cute and sexy masquerade costume, the beautiful Valentines costume and so sexy Halloween costume.

This beautiful cupid costume for women comes with feather wings, pink bow and arrow.

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Beautiful angel costumes for women

Oct 302010

I need to get a new pink winter hat. I love many kinds of pink winter hats. I found a beautiful pink sherpa hat

This pink beanie is a warm winter hat but still stylish and girlish. You certainly stay warm this winter and enjoy cute colors. This pink winter hat makes me smile.

This 7headz Napa vermont sherpa hat is super soft with inner fleece lining.

I love this baby pink color. You can of course choose your favorite color.

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May 222010

I found a beautiful short prom dress. This gorgeous pink party dress is perfect for us women, who love to live dream life, which can be true, if we enjoy beautiful clothes.

This short prom dress is also a beautiful summer dress. Summer is here and pink summer dresses are my favorite clothing.

This fuchsia sequin bodice formal prom dress with satin ruffles is elegant and also cute and girlish.

You can find this beautiful short prom dress made in USA from The Online Prom Superstore PromGirl

This dress makes me happy:)

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Feb 072010

I love pink, dots and bags. Pink bows also are my favorites. So… You can guess that a sweet pink dot bag with pink bow is something, which makes me happy.

This Monogrammed Double Dot Bag is so sweet pink tote bag that I would use it every day and night. This pink dot bag is a beautiful gift to your friend or to yourself. I would like to buy two monogrammed dot bags, with T (Taika) and J (my husband). And of course one more… PL (Pink Links) dot bag.

Pink shopping is always inspiring. You can’t have everything, but you can dream about gorgeous pink shopping all over the world. This pink dot bag is great for preschool, beach bag and for what ever occassion. Pink bags are always lovely for all girls, who love pink and bags.

I would love to have a new pink tote bag. I don’t live in the U.S. but if you live there, you can buy this sweet pink dot bag on Sew Girlie.

Do you love pink dot bags?