Aug 102012

I love this beautiful pink fantasy wallpaper.

This pink lady wallpaper is one of my favorites pink fantasy wallpapers. I also love pink flower wallpapers and pink sky. That’s why I love this pink fantasy wallpaper.

If you like this pink fantasy wallpaper, you can see it in many screen resolutions

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Feb 162010

I love pink shoes. I sometimes have problems to find pink shoes for adults, because I am a little woman with small size feet.

I found beautiful pink shoes on internet. Pretty Small Shoes sells stylish pink shoes. They know how difficult it is to find small ladies shoes. They have small shoes UK size 13-3, Euro size 32-35 and US sizes 2-5. My Euro size is 33 -35. Pretty Small Shoes sells shoes in every color, but you know why I prefer pink shoes.

These elegant, cute and sexy hot pink shoes, photo above, are my favorite pink shoes.

I also love these leather, patent leather and studs pink shoes. With my red skirt and pink jacket these DIXIE red-pink shoes are perfect.

Flats are practical and comfortable. These light pink Ballerina shoes are too cute as their name 2-CUTE.

If you like snake skin leather and pink satin and want to release the Rock Chick in you, these ROCK-CHICK-PINK shoes are made for you.

Many times I have had to used not so fashionable small size women shoes. I have found some beautiful small adults shoes, but stylish small size pink shoes are difficult to find.

Pretty Small Shoes makes many dreams come true. Shoes for small feet are sometimes available online, but small ladies shoes are hard to find. If you are looking for pink small size ladies shoes, for example heels, pumps, boots and wedding shoes, this is the gorgeous shopping place for you. They have worldwide delivery.

If you are looking for bigger pink shoes or shoes in many sizes, here you can find
beautiful pink heels

Do you like these pink shoes? What is your size?

Nov 012009

Yesterday we had snow here, but now all snow has gone. Autumns are pretty cold. I have a pink cowl neck scarf which I use both in autumn and in winter.

I also have many other scarves but I don’t have a lamb’s wool scarf. I found beautiful pink lambswool scarves.

My favorite is this pink Barbour Ladies Horizontal Stripe Lambswool Scarf (photo above). It’s a beautiful, unique scarf with pink, cream and light brown stripes.

I also love this Lambswool Scarf in Pink with discreet Barbour logo. This light pink lambswool scarf is supersoft and cosy scarf.

If you like herringbones, this Barbour Plain Herringbone Lambswool Scarf in Pink could be your pink choice.

All these pink scarves are 100% Lambswool.

These pink lambswool scarves are Authentic Barbour Clothing from Country Attire.

What kind of autumn scarf is your favorite? Do you like these pink lambswool scarves?

Aug 202009

Barbara Cartland was a successful English author, known for her unforgettable romance novels. Barbara Cartland also became one of the United Kingdom’s most popular media personalities. Barbara Cartland was celebrity who often participated in public events and appeared on television. Barbara Cartland’s trademark was pink. Barbara Cartland had pink dresses and she talked about love. Health and social issues were very important to her.

For me Barbara Cartland still is The Pink Lady. Barbara Cartland was often billed as the Queen of Romance. I love her pink romance novels and movies. Couple of weeks ago I watched on television Barbara Cartland movie “A Ghost In Monte Carlo”. My sister, who lives far away me, has A Ghost In Monte Carlo DVD. I love A Ghost In Monte Carlo movie, because I love old romances.

Barbara Cartland wrote 723 books, which were translated into 38 languages. The Pink Lady, Barbara Cartland, sold over 1,000 million books, giving her a place in the Guinness book of Records. The Pink Collection is made up of the 160 novels left unpublished by Barbara Cartland.

As well as her romantic novels Barbara Cartland also wrote books on health and vitamins and was a great believer in the healing power of honey and the benefits of vitamins. Barbara Cartland also wrote a number of cookery books. Her recipes were famous. Barbara Cartland was a Conservative county councillor. Barbara Cartland even recorded an album of love songs.

The Pink Lady, Barbara Cartland, was very versatile and creative woman.

More information: Barbara Cartland’s official website

What do you think about Barbara Cartland?