Jul 192012

Berries are an important part of my diet. All the berries taste like summer. Raspberry is beloved fruit or berry. Raspberry is my favorite berry a number of reasons. The most important reason in favor of raspberry, of course, is the lovely fact that raspberry is my dark pink berry. What a wonderful pleasure to me and my pink world. 🙂

I used to pick raspberries near my home, where I had a very beautiful raspberry place. Now it’s easier to buy raspberries from supermarket or go to the marketplace.

Natural lifestyle, natural products and nature cures interest me. Raspberries are a very healthy food, they are a good source of vitamin C and many other vitamins. Raspberries contain significant amounts of polyphenol antioxidants such as anthocyanin pigments linked to potential health protection against several human diseases. Raspberries are good if you have stomach problems. Raspberries remove constipation. Raspberry alleviates menstrual pain. I do not have any problems with the liver, but the raspberry is also suitable for liver problems.

The leaves of the raspberry plant have been used as a medicinal herb for centuries. I drink cold herbal tea, raspberry leaf tea, to alleviate little stomach pain. Raspberry leaf tea can also be used to alleviate mouth and throat infections. Raspberry leaf tea is also used to wound care. Warm raspberry leaf tea alleviates menstrual pain. It is thought the leaves of the raspberry to have many varied properties including those that are beneficial for pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding. Personally, I do not have the childbirth experience but my friends have used raspberry leaf tea to alleviate their pregnancy problems.

Raspberry pastries promote mental health and taste so yummy delicious. Raspberry pastry is my favorite pastry.

Raspberry is a beautiful and tasty pink berry and fruit.

Aug 292011

How elegant and stylish is this Pink Newport News Suede Jacket

This cropped, snake embossed pink suede jacket is so beautiful and feminine clothing. I love pink leather and pink suede jackets.

If you love Newport News design clothes and suede jackets, this pink suede jacket makes your life more pink. Pink fashion makes me smile.

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Jan 282011

I love pink wool coats.

I adore this Chadwicks Toggle Coat

This bright berry wool coat is stylish and feminine. This pink wool coat is beautiful and elegant.

I love toggle coat style coats, that’s why this pink wool coat is my favorite. This Chadwicks hooded wool coat is also a chic cropped style coat, which makes it so beautiful. Because this pink coat is a wool-blend coat which comes with hood, it’s lovely soft and warm coat.

Chadwicks brand has been with us women over 25 years. Chadwicks is stylish women’s fashion.

Pink clothing is my lifestyle.

You are going to love this bright berry pink wool coat.

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May 222010

I found a beautiful short prom dress. This gorgeous pink party dress is perfect for us women, who love to live dream life, which can be true, if we enjoy beautiful clothes.

This short prom dress is also a beautiful summer dress. Summer is here and pink summer dresses are my favorite clothing.

This fuchsia sequin bodice formal prom dress with satin ruffles is elegant and also cute and girlish.

You can find this beautiful short prom dress made in USA from The Online Prom Superstore PromGirl

This dress makes me happy:)

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