Dec 282009

My Christmas was wonderful. Christmas has gone but winter is still here. I’m glad that we have a lot of snow here.

I love pink sweaters and cardigans

When I was a teenager I visited in Norway with my family. Norway is a very beautiful country. I also adore Norwegian cardigans and Norwegian style cardigans or sweaters.

I found beautiful pink Norwegian cardigans.

This Norwegian Sweaters Louise (photo above), stylish Norwegian cardigan for women, is one of my favorites. This pink Norwegian Cardigan is 100% pure new wool of genuine Norwegian origin.

This red Dale of Norway Solveig cardigan, which looks like a dark pink cardigan, is also beautiful. This Norwegian cardigan is 100% wool with hand wash and dry flat.

I also like this Dale of Norway Selfjord, pink Cardigan Sweater. Fabric is 100% cotton, machine wash, dry flat.

Those Dale of Norway cardigans are on Sale, which ends soon.

Do you like Norwegian style cardigans?