Sep 152009

I love roses, especially pink roses.

Turku is a beautiful city. University Street (Yliopistonkatu in Finnish), which is also a pedestrian street, is a pleasant shopping street.

Two weeks ago, University Street and Turku called me when I spent the pink mini-vacation. The city is still in my heart.

Pedestrian streets are nice to me, because I love city walking. University Street was decorated with beautiful roses. Those roses (photo above) are works of art. I hope you enjoy roses in the University Street, photo memories of my trip. I am forever a friend of roses and pedestrian streets.

Sep 072009

A week ago, my husband and I spent a wonderful mini vacation, which was so successful that I think I saw a dream. We went to Turku, which we both love so much that we could live there. Turku is Finland’s most beautiful city, because there’s a lot of beautiful old houses, which I never tire of admiring.

Turku is Finland’s oldest city, and it will appear everywhere in Turku. I love the architecture of Turku. In 2011, Turku is the European Capital of Culture together with the Estonian capital, Tallinn. History and culture interest me in particular. Turku is a famous vacation city. Turku is also very interesting walking city. In Turku there are beautiful pedestrian streets also next to the river. Walking offers cultural delights and a good exercise.

We took 200 photos in our journey. Photographs are great memories. Aurakatu of Turku is one of the most beautiful streets in Finland. Aurakatu is my favorite street also, therefore, that the street has a few pink houses. Aura Street is my pink street. I took a photo of this beautiful pink house, where I could live if I get some fast money. Pink notes would be nice;)

Turku and Aurakatu (Aura Street) are like a cute pink dream. Still I have decided that I will soon live in Turku:)