Dec 152009

Many people believe that the real Santa Claus or Father Christmas lives in Finland. The hometown of The Santa Claus is Rovaniemi, at the Arctic Circle, Lapland, Finland. Santa lives together with Mrs Santa in real winter wonderland Korvatunturi (tunturi is mountain or fjeld).

Who gets the most letters in the world? Santa Claus of course! Santa Claus (Joulupukki in Finnish) receives thousands of mail-letters, cards and parcels. Letter to Santa Claus is very important thing to children and some adults too. So far, the elves have found 184 countries from which Santa Claus has received a total of nearly eight million items in the past 20 years. The most enthusiastic writers are Japanese, British and Polish.

The real Santa Claus gets visitors from all over the world. Many visitors come to Lapland from Japan, The United Kingdom, Russia and Germany.

I could write a letter to Santa Claus, but I don’t need any Christmas gifts. Although Santa’s philosophy is very pink. I have a lot of important issues to discuss with him. Maybe I’ll write to him:)

Are you going to send a letter to Santa Claus? If you have some Christmas wishes to Santa, here is Santa’s address: Joulupukki, Korvatunturi 98800 Savukoski, Finland or
If you want to have a letter from Santa, visit here.

I still believe in Santa. Do you believe in Santa?

Oct 242009

October has been The Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Yesterday we had here “Get Dressed Pink and make a donation Day”. I dress pink almost every day, so it was easy for me. I didn’t make a donation but I have bought many pink campaign products.

For me it’s important to help other people every month and every day. So… I buy those pink breast cancer products also after October.

I found this sweet pink cosmetic bag, which helps us to help others. This pretty pink waffle weave fabric cosmetic bag is great for storing all your make-up or travel needs. The outside features three little embroidered daisies with zipper closure. The inside features plastic interior lining with two zip-close pockets on each side. will donate 20% of proceeds from this pink cosmetic bag to

More Pink Ribbon Products

Sep 252009

This is my wordplay about me and my pink life:
I am
… what I am.
I want… to live for ever in love.
I wish that all your pink dreams will come true.
I don’t like… pink, I love pink.
I fear… to tell you what I fear.
I hear… too well.
I like… almost everything which I don’t love or hate.
I’m not… good at household chores.
I sing… if you don’t sing;)
I live and I Wanna Feel It!
I never open my door without watching or asking who’s there. Even the cats answer to me;)
Rare… to find reliable people but great when you find.
I cry… pink tears.
I need… my husband.
I should… be hardworking but I don’t believe those who thinks to know what is the best for me.
I hate… evil people but it doesn’t help, it only hurts.
I laugh… as much as possible.
I dream… about pink world, where is no bad things. I still believe in Santa Claus, angels, elves and so on.

Jul 252009

Spreadshirt in Finland is an interesting online acquaintance from whom Pink Links found this pink t-shirt for men. This pink t-shirt aroused in me a wide range of ideas.

If I saw a handsome man in the pink t-shirt which invites and even commands me to hug him, would he or his pink t-shirt be the temptation? Would you hug him? If a man was not in any way desirable, would I laugh? Would you laugh? When a man travels the streets in the pink t-shirt with these pink letters “Hug me!” he charms, antagonizes, irritates, provokes and who knows what else.

What a man wants? Is he ready? What if all of the entrants, regardless of age or sex, would hug the man without any limits? The man could soon become very busy. He would miss his sweet home. But perhaps he would leave with beautiful and sexy companion.

Some people believe that the sexy dress gives a person permission to touch someone. The sexy dress even encourages violence. Sexy women sometimes suffer from that. Although the man’s pink t-shirt specifically tells you to touch, the command is probably wise to interpret humorous.

But at least it is absolutely certain that the friendly hug and the beloved hug is lovely with this “Hug me!” t-shirt or without it;)

Hug for you!