Nov 162010

I love pink rockers.

I adore this luxurious pink rocker chair

This pink rocking chair has solid wood frame. This Angel Song design rocker is a high-quality rocking chair.

It’s difficult to find a pink adult rocker with mechanism and fabrics high-quality. This pink rocker is also beautiful design and romantic cottage style furniture with pink flowers.

When you once sit down this Angel Song pink rocker, you’ll never want to get up.

Pink interior and pink furniture is my favorite home design. Here you can get more information about this elegant Jardin Empire Adult Rocker

More pink rocking chairs

Jan 292010

At this moment I do not have a rocking chair, but years ago I had a black rocking chair. I know that a pink rocking chair is easy to find and I am sure that one day I will have a pink rocking chair.

At least I got a gorgeous start. I found a funny pink baby rocker. This pink rocking chair is one of my favorites. This “Time Out” Chair includes a message for the child: “Time out to think about the things you do, but always remember, I love you!” The Pink Rocking Chair comes with timer. It’s fun.

When I was a child there were no as funny pink rockers as this “Time Out” rocker is. I would have been a wild and naughty child several times a day just to be able to sit in this pink rocking chair. 😉

You find this beautiful pink baby rocker on BabyEarth.

This pink baby rocker would sometimes be useful also for us, sweet and naughty adults. 😀

Or what do you think about it?