Dec 052010

I love Christmas songs. This lovely pink Christmas cd is Joy To The World by Faith Hill

This Christmas cd is Faith Hill’s first album of Christmas music. There are ten traditional Christmas carols, which I love. My favorites are Joy To The World, Santa Claus Is Comin’ To Town, Little Drummer Boy, O Holy Night, Winter Wonderland and Silent Night, Holy Night.

Superstar Faith Hill is a very popular country singer and the award-winning artist. Faith Hill’s Christmas songs are beautiful and traditional with big band sound.

This deluxe Faith Hill Christmas Songs edition includes bonus DVD with four live songs from her Walmart Soundcheck performance.

Faith Hill Christmas Songs are beloved and quality music for holidays.

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Nov 272010

I found so beautiful and a cute way sexy
Pink Christmas Costume

Pink Mrs Santa is going to make Mr Santa very happy with this hot Pink Christmas Costume. This is also a lovely gift for a woman, who loves sexy pink costumes. Pink Miss Santa Clause Costumes are lovely.

This pink costume is also perfect for your Christmas party. This Pink Mrs Claus dress and Miss Santa costume is Holiday Party Outfit by Fenvy.

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Dec 152009

Many people believe that the real Santa Claus or Father Christmas lives in Finland. The hometown of The Santa Claus is Rovaniemi, at the Arctic Circle, Lapland, Finland. Santa lives together with Mrs Santa in real winter wonderland Korvatunturi (tunturi is mountain or fjeld).

Who gets the most letters in the world? Santa Claus of course! Santa Claus (Joulupukki in Finnish) receives thousands of mail-letters, cards and parcels. Letter to Santa Claus is very important thing to children and some adults too. So far, the elves have found 184 countries from which Santa Claus has received a total of nearly eight million items in the past 20 years. The most enthusiastic writers are Japanese, British and Polish.

The real Santa Claus gets visitors from all over the world. Many visitors come to Lapland from Japan, The United Kingdom, Russia and Germany.

I could write a letter to Santa Claus, but I don’t need any Christmas gifts. Although Santa’s philosophy is very pink. I have a lot of important issues to discuss with him. Maybe I’ll write to him:)

Are you going to send a letter to Santa Claus? If you have some Christmas wishes to Santa, here is Santa’s address: Joulupukki, Korvatunturi 98800 Savukoski, Finland or
If you want to have a letter from Santa, visit here.

I still believe in Santa. Do you believe in Santa?

Oct 032009

I maybe found my pink Chloé bag. I don’t know if it is real or not real Chloé bag. Officially this Chloe bag’s color above is purple red but for me this beautiful Paddington bag is enough pink. This Chloé bag is beautiful.

I also found a dark pink Chloe bag, which is as beautiful as the first Chloe bag above.

If you like light pink bags, this is maybe the dream bag for you.

I found these beautiful Chloe bags from There are many beautiful bags. This shop says that they sell both real designer bags and not real but quality bags.

This lovely purple and dark pink Chloe Paddington Padlock Satchel Hand Bag I found from ebay. The seller says that it’s 2009 Unique, Brand new 100% Authentic Chloé “Paddington”.

How can you certainly know, that you buy the authentic Chloé bag? I know one place, which is very real:

Go to the official Chloé. I didn’t find my pink Paddington Chloé bag from there but they tell you boutiques and E-shopping sites which sell their lovely Chloé bags.

I have been looking for a pink bag. Dark pink Chloé bag would be my dream bag. I hope that Santa Claus brings me the authentic, beautiful dark pink Chloé bag.

Do you love Chloé bags?

What kind of bag is your dream bag?