Aug 142012

I love this cute pink swim tee.

This pink beach tee is Speedo Women’s Swim Tee

Speedo is the best selling swim brand.

This pink swim tee is the perfect shirt for beach sports and useful as a swim cover-up. You look fashionable and you protect yourself from the sun’s harmful rays. This Speedo swim tee is ideal for water skiing, snorkeling, boating or at the beach or pool, comfortable for wear in or out of the water.

Pink beach and pool tees are lovely.

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Feb 162011

What a beautiful and sexy neck top is this
Chrisanne Capsule Funnel Neck Top

This fuchsia pink neck top is a cute and sexy dancer top, which makes the dancer look and feel fabulous.

This pink Chrisanne top is designed to shape and streamline your body. Chrisanne is the leading supplier and maker of ballroom and latin dresses, dance practice wear and both fabrics and trimmings in the dance sport or performance industry.

I love this fuchsia neck top made in Chrisanne Dance crepe. This pink top is a luxury practice wear but also perfect for a night on the town with sexy skirt or pants.

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Dec 142010

Men who wear pink are hot, handsome, cute and leaders.

This Charles Tyrwhitt Shirt is a non-iron stylish
pink shirt

Many people think that Charles Tyrwhitt is the finest menswear in the world. They use the finest materials.

This quality menswear is built to last. Pink menswear is stylish clothing. This pink Charles Tyrwhitt Shirt is a practical non-iron casual shirt and so useful gift for men.

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Pink Charles Tyrwhitt Shirt

Pink for men. I love it!

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Jul 252009

Spreadshirt in Finland is an interesting online acquaintance from whom Pink Links found this pink t-shirt for men. This pink t-shirt aroused in me a wide range of ideas.

If I saw a handsome man in the pink t-shirt which invites and even commands me to hug him, would he or his pink t-shirt be the temptation? Would you hug him? If a man was not in any way desirable, would I laugh? Would you laugh? When a man travels the streets in the pink t-shirt with these pink letters “Hug me!” he charms, antagonizes, irritates, provokes and who knows what else.

What a man wants? Is he ready? What if all of the entrants, regardless of age or sex, would hug the man without any limits? The man could soon become very busy. He would miss his sweet home. But perhaps he would leave with beautiful and sexy companion.

Some people believe that the sexy dress gives a person permission to touch someone. The sexy dress even encourages violence. Sexy women sometimes suffer from that. Although the man’s pink t-shirt specifically tells you to touch, the command is probably wise to interpret humorous.

But at least it is absolutely certain that the friendly hug and the beloved hug is lovely with this “Hug me!” t-shirt or without it;)

Hug for you!