Apr 262010

My dear sister brought me a pink mini mirror, cute souvenir from Thailand. A mirror is so beautiful gift, especially when it is the pink mini mirror. And when the mini mirror is decorated with Winnie The Pooh and Piglet, it’s perfect.

This Disney mini mirror is a useful travel mirror. The mirror is easy to slip into a cosmetic bag or even into my tiny pink pocket. This Disney mirror is perfect for those who love Winnie The Pooh and his friends. This folding mirror is also handy in bathroom.

My sister knows that Piglet and Winnie The Pooh often save my day. I love cute miniature stuff. This pink mini mirror brings a lot of joy to my pink life. When I have a look at my mirror, I feel so pink.

Pink cosmetics and pink mini mirror are like sisters. Piglet and Winnie The Pooh teach me how to do a full pink make-up;)

Mar 162010

I love pink magnets and Hello Kitty. I would like to own all pink Hello Kitty magnets. My kitchen and refrigerator are waiting for Hello Kitty Magnets

I love this embellished Hello Kitty steel refrigerator magnet, photo above. This fashionista magnet is cute. Stylish Kitty is dressed in a stunning pink dress with pink jewels and a beautiful matching pink bow.

I also love this Kitchen Kitty. A steel refrigerator magnet, pink Hello Kitty helps you to cook. I would also need some cooking help.

Dizzy Pink is a lovely Hello Kitty shop. They only ship within the United Kingdom at this time. My sister lived many years in London, but she moved back to Finland. She can’t help me with these Hello Kitty magnets, but I’m glad to share with you these pink magnet photos.

Do you like magnets? What do you think about these Hello Kitty magnets?

Jul 052009

I have always loved pink hats. I have many pink hats. Now Pink Links show you my favorite pink hat. My pink hat is unbridled big, almost too big but I love it. My pink hat is my faithful friend.

My pink hat is beloved for several reasons. The hat is a birthday gift from my lovely sister, who rescued it for me from London. I’m so little woman that I need to have very big hat. This pink hat is made for me.

My friends will find me easily among the people. I look so long and beautiful with my pink hat that the envious people often try to walk away with my big hat. The eyes of some, my pink hat seems suspicious. Am I suspicious?

Attention and laugh is guaranteed with this pink hat. When I receive the invitation to the party, I put this pink hat my head. Now I put back my pink hat to my garment cabinet, even if my hat kicks the door on the cabinet to reach gather the admiration. However my pink hat is really proud of the fact that it gets publicity by Pink Links.

Pink hats are lovely. My big pink hat is a little jealous.

“Think Pink!”