Jan 242012

What a cute pink Valentine crafts I found!

These red and pink heart diecuts are
Martha Stewart Crafts

Pink Martha Stewart Crafts are perfect for Wedding invitations or lovely Valentine crafts to your Valentine cards.

You can create the cutest Valentines with this Martha Stewart Crafts stamp card and envelope set

This red and pink Valentine envelope set with pink note cards and adhesive labels is so cute.

I love these candy-striped envelopes.

Nov 062009

Father’s Day is a holiday, celebrated in honor and memory of the fathers.
Father’s Day to the father is customary to give small gifts. Children often make gifts and cards to their father in a kindergarten or school. Father’s Day is also a commercial day. Adults also give gifts to fathers. Fathers get special dinners and Father’s Day is often full of family-oriented activities.

For me every day is Father’s Day but I sent a special card to my father. I also make a telephone call to my father, more important than usual, every Father’s Day.

This pink stamp (photo above) is perfect to your pink Father’s Day card, if your father or husband loves pink stamps and cards:) You can buy “Real men wear pink” stamp and card here.

Celebration dates vary around the world. Father’s Day has become from the United States of America. Do you have the Father’s Day celebration and when you celebrate Father’s Day?