Aug 052009

I do not have a car nor a driving license. Even if I had the beautiful pink car and a driving license I would certainly drive someone over.

I have used to walk a lot. Walking is essential for good health. My health is very important for me but sometimes the car would be necessary. For me the car, even beautiful pink car, would be for the transport from A-place to B-place.

But if I had the car, my car would be, of course, pink car. I found this site full of pink cars, pink dreams in which I could drive around the streets, countries and beautiful pink world. I would horrify many drivers and walkers.

That pink sports car, which is like a beast, suits well for someone else but this little pink car, sweet pink trade bag and discovery, suits perfectly for me. It’s really hot stuff 🙂

Have you ever fallen in love with pink cars, other automobiles or their drivers? Do you have a car?