Apr 262010

My dear sister brought me a pink mini mirror, cute souvenir from Thailand. A mirror is so beautiful gift, especially when it is the pink mini mirror. And when the mini mirror is decorated with Winnie The Pooh and Piglet, it’s perfect.

This Disney mini mirror is a useful travel mirror. The mirror is easy to slip into a cosmetic bag or even into my tiny pink pocket. This Disney mirror is perfect for those who love Winnie The Pooh and his friends. This folding mirror is also handy in bathroom.

My sister knows that Piglet and Winnie The Pooh often save my day. I love cute miniature stuff. This pink mini mirror brings a lot of joy to my pink life. When I have a look at my mirror, I feel so pink.

Pink cosmetics and pink mini mirror are like sisters. Piglet and Winnie The Pooh teach me how to do a full pink make-up;)

Nov 222009

Hello those who live in the U.S. or Canada. You can buy these beautiful Hello Kitty bags, which are so cute.

I haven’t seen these Hello Kitty bags here, but our shops sell lots of Hello Kitty products. One day I and my husband saw a little girl who wore a beautiful Hello Kitty knitted cap. My husband whispered to me: “That girl has stolen your knitted cap”. I laughed, but I knew immediately that I would like to own that Hello Kitty knitted cap. I try to find it when I next time do some shopping.

I also try to find these Hello Kitty bags:

The photo above is a smart Hello Kitty Messenger bag, which I adore.

This is a beautiful Hello Kitty Backpack, which I love.

This is a Hello Kitty rolling backpack, which I need.

This is a Hello Kitty rolling travel bag. I am going to travel with this pink travel bag to my Pink Dream World. It’s not far away… But where is my bag?

If you are an lucky American or a happy Canadian, you can buy these Hello Kitty bags on Sanrio.com

What do you think about these pink Hello Kitty bags?

Oct 242009

October has been The Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Yesterday we had here “Get Dressed Pink and make a donation Day”. I dress pink almost every day, so it was easy for me. I didn’t make a donation but I have bought many pink campaign products.

For me it’s important to help other people every month and every day. So… I buy those pink breast cancer products also after October.

I found this sweet pink cosmetic bag, which helps us to help others. This pretty pink waffle weave fabric cosmetic bag is great for storing all your make-up or travel needs. The outside features three little embroidered daisies with zipper closure. The inside features plastic interior lining with two zip-close pockets on each side. Sleepyheads.com will donate 20% of proceeds from this pink cosmetic bag to Breastcancer.org.

More Pink Ribbon Products