Feb 052011

I love pink cell phones and Hello Kitty. How cute is this Hello Kitty Cell Phone

This pink Hello Kitty phone by Samsung is the Samsung Player One CE0168 Cell Phone.

Too often cell phones look so boring. How much sunnier my days would be with this white and pink color Hello Kitty cell phone.

This pink cell phone contains: camera, video, stereo FM radio with RDS, games, MP3/WMA/AAC/MP4 player, browser and many other useful stuff.

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Sep 182009

Golla is a Finnish design company, manufacturer of protective bags. Golla bags are fashionable bags for portable electronics. The company publishes once or twice a year new product designs. The collection consists of bags and backpacks for laptops, digital cameras, video cameras, mobile phones, MP3 players, computers and game consoles.

Golla is a family company which employs about 60 people, and its products are sold in over 100 countries. The company has offices in six countries: Finland, Germany, France, Japan, China and The United States. Golla products are sold in several international chain store.

I’ve been looking for pink mobile bag. I love Golla design. I already has pink Golla camera bag and I love it. I think I’m going to buy pink Golla mobile bag (photo above).

Technology can be beautiful. I love pink electronics. Even if my electronics would be black or gray I can use pink bag. Pink mobile bag is waiting for me.

Do you have or would you like to have a mobile bag?

Jul 192009

Alecia Beth Moore (born September 8, 1979), who performs under the stage name Pink is an American singer and songwriter. Pink is my favorite singer. Pink has sold over 30 million albums worldwide

Pink released her first single “There You Go” and first album, the R&B-oriented Can’t Take Me Home, in 2000 via LaFace Records. Pink’s first album was a commercial success. Pink’s more pop rock-oriented second album, Missundaztood was released in 2001. The album was successful worldwide. Pink released her third album, Try This, in 2003, and her fourth album in 2006,
I’m Not Dead

The latter generated seven hit singles, including “Stupid Girls,” “U + Ur Hand,” and “Who Knew.” Pink’s fifth album, Funhouse, was released in 2008.

Pink wrote the songs for her fourth album,”I’m Not Dead”, which Pink said she titled as such because “It’s about being alive and feisty and not sitting down and shutting up even though people would like you to. Pink’s “I’m Not Dead” is one of my favorite albums. All the songs are special! Pink’s great voice and personal style makes me Pink’s fan.

The album’s release in April 2006 through LaFace Records was a great success throughout the world, particularly in Australia. Pink’s “I’m Not Dead” album reached the top ten in the U.S., the top five in the UK, number one in Germany, and sat at number one in Australia for two non-consecutive weeks, though it was Pink’s lowest seller in the U.S. until the success of the single “U + Ur Hand” in early 2007. Pink’s album ranked 96th in the USA during 2007. Lead single “Stupid Girls”, which I love very much, was Pink’s biggest U.S. hit since 2002 and earned a Grammy Award nomination for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance. Its music video, in which Pink parodies celebrities such as Lindsay Lohan, Jessica Simpson, Mary-Kate Olsen, and Paris Hilton, won the MTV Video Music Award for Best Pop Video.

Pink’s singles “Who Knew” and “U + Ur Hand” were favorite hits in Australia and Europe, and they later became top ten singles in the U.S. in 2007. Pink’s the non-U.S. singles were “Nobody Knows,” a minor hit in the UK, Australia and Germany; “Dear Mr. President,” an open letter to American President George W. Bush (featuring the Indigo Girls) and a number one hit in Belgium, a top five hit in Germany, Australia and other countries; “Leave Me Alone (I’m Lonely)”, a UK top forty and Australian top five entry; and interesting “Cuz I Can”.

My favorite, Pink’s “I’m Not Dead” album has sold over 1.3 million copies in the U.S., over 700,000 in Australia, and 6 million worldwide. Pink’s “I’m Not Dead” is still very popular, especially in Australia. So far Pink’s album has gone 10 times platinum. In support of the album, Pink embarked on the world I’m Not Dead Tour, for which ticket sales in Australia were particularly high; Pink sold approximately 307,000 tickets in Australia, giving her the record for the biggest concert attendance for an arena tour by a female artist.

The title track,”I’m Not Dead”, is one of Pink’s most beautiful songs.

Thanks P!nk! I love your music!

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