Mar 172016

Another day, another legal battle for Jenelle Evans.

As you know, the Teen Mom star has been in an ongoing legal battle as she tries to get custody of her first born Jace back from her mother Barbara despite a litany of legal issues.

Now, the 24-year-old is revealing that her nearly yearlong fight for custody of her 20-month-old son Kaiser with ex-fiancé Nathan Griffith is still unresolved as well.

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The North Carolina native told Us Weekly:

“I’m trying to file custody papers, but Nathan won’t give me his address. If he’s going to have Kaiser for a weekend, I need to know where he is.”

Her 28-year-old former flame has called Miz Evans out on Twitter for allegedly not letting him see their son, but Jenelle claims that Griffith hasn’t made any effort to do so:

“He hasn’t asked to see Kaiser since December. He tweets about me but he won’t text me and ask to see him. … He wants to make me look bad.”

If you watch the MTV series, you know that the exes violent and rocky relationship ended after they called off their wedding in July of 2015.

As far as regaining custody of her 6-year-old, Jenelle — who has now been dating new BF David for six months — will give it a go at a hearing scheduled for the beginning of May:

“I’m asking for full custody. I see Jace every weekend. There’s no reason why I shouldn’t have him full-time. … My mom hasn’t budged at all, so I’m just going to have to let the judge decide.”

Hopefully this all gets sorted out for the sake of the little ones!

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Teen Mom Jenelle Evans Opens Up About Her Unresolved Custody Battles For Both Her Sons!
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