Feb 202018

A twist!

Last night on The Bachelor, Arie Luyendyk Jr. prepared to meet the families of the final four contestants during a round of hometown dates. On a scale of 1 to having a complete meltdown, he was at about an 8 — his words, not ours!

That’s also how we felt watching him and Kendall play with dead animals during their visit to a taxidermy shop in her hometown of El Lay.

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Although Arie called their activity of stretching limp rat skin over a wooden form “some Silence Of The Lambs stuff,” Kendall had a much more romantic view:

“In a way, taxidermy is like a perfect relationship, because it’s something that’s going to last forever.”

Wow. A thought.

Later on the date, Arie met Kendall’s mom, dad, twin sister Kylie (yes, they are Kendall and Kylie), and her younger brother. Honestly, the conversation between Kendall and Kylie is one of the most self-aware discussions we’ve seen on this show. There’s a sentence we thought we’d never say.

For the second hometown, Arie heads to Weiner, Arkansas to meet Raven Tia‘s fam. The southern belle picks an activity Arie will love: racing cars at Crowley’s Ridge Raceway. That evening, the family gives ABC‘s leading man a warm welcome (after Tia’s brother questions his player ways) and they cheers with cocktail wieners/pigs in a blanket! Before Arie heads out to meet his next lady, Tia lets him know she’s “in love” and not just “falling in love.” Noted.

Now Arie is in Minnesota, where he’s meeting Becca‘s family, including her mom and Uncle Gary, who became like a second father to her after her father passed away. He ultimately seems to get a stamp of approval (kinda), after her mom says she would trust whatever decision Becca makes.

Finally, Arie goes to Virginia Beach to meet Lauren‘s extremely conservative family — and it’s hella awkward! Lauren’s dad Dave makes Arie sweat (literally). Dave threatens to “kill” Arie if he ever hurts Lauren, but ultimately says he trusts her decision in the end.

Heading into the Rose Ceremony back at the Bachelor mansion, Arie seems super unsure about who he is going to pick. In fact, he pulls Kendall aside for one last chat before making a final decision moments later.

He ultimately decides to send Tia home after feeling like there’s just “something missing.” Cue her crying in the limo. Don’t worry, girl. There’s always Paradise.

Next week, we have Women Tell All (yassss) on Sunday before a new episode with the final three on Monday. Oh, yeah and the Winter Games Tuesday and Thursday this week.

Are y’all getting enough of this franchise yet???

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The Bachelor Recap: Arie Luyendyk Jr. Eliminates A Front Runner After Heading To The Final Four Contestants' Hometowns
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