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Even the most hardcore New Yorker finds themselves trapped in a torrential downpour once or twice. It’s a rite of passage to experience the worst parts of the city (pizza rat, anyone?) and in some small part, they help us appreciate the nicer perks of living in NYC. But when we see others going through it, we can’t help but cringe a bit—because, well, we all know how it feels to get a shoe stuck in a sidewalk grate.

Below we’ve compiled a list of the cringe-worthy mistakes that most New Yorkers have gone through and would now just rather leave in the past. Then to help prevent you from falling victim to these NYC fashion fiascos yourself, we’re offering up some solutions too. Armed with the fashion first aid kit to help you avoid the grimace-worthy mistakes NYC women go through, you’ll be prepped to avoid the worst of the worst. So read on for your full breakdown below.

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Multicolored shell, black leather Snap-fastening tab Spot clean Imported

Now you’re all set to handle NYC like a pro (or at least a part-time resident)! 

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The Fashion Mistakes New Yorkers Cringe Over
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