May 022016

2016 continues to be a crazy and unexpected year!

On Sunday, former enemies Brandi Glanville and LeAnn Rimes were spotted hugging it out and looking like best friends at a youth soccer game. The two were there to cheer on one of Brandi and Eddie Cibrian‘s two sons — and by the looks of it, they had an AMAZING time!

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The good vibes are extremely surprising for anyone who has followed Brandi and LeAnn’s tumultuous relationship over the years. It’s no secret the two have relentlessly attacked each other in the press on EVERYTHING, especially where it concerns Rime’s cheating with Eddie.

For a little refresher on just how bad things were, check out this Real Housewives of Beverly Hills moment when B.G. SLAMMED the country singer:

Yikes! The blonde really went there!

Luckily for Brandi and Cibrian’s two kids, the pair were able to fix their issues… for now. We guess those well wishes Ms. Glanville sent the musician for her five year wedding anniversary really did the trick!

So, are YOU surprised these two are cool now?

[Image via Splash News.]

The Impossible Has Happened! Brandi Glanville & LeAnn Rimes Hug It Out After Years Of Feuding!
Source: Perez Hilton

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